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DC Biosciences provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with novel technologies and proteomic services to accelerate the development of safer drugs. We are best placed to apply our knowledge and experience in a wide range of proteomic disciplines including quantitative proteomics, PTM, affinity and data independent acquisition to provide solutions in key areas of drug discovery and development.

EASI-tag, and why it is really exciting

There was an interesting paper recently:     A new type of Isobaric Labelling reagents? Do we really need more? Isn’t this what TMT and iTRAQ already do? Why is this important?   Isobaric Labelling In Isobaric Labelling, each sample is modified with different versions of a chemical label which are near identical but have […]

When will you Click?

Click chemistry reactions are reactions between an alkyne-tagged molecule and an azide-tagged molecule which use copper as a catalyst. This was introduced by K. B. Sharpless in 2001 for which he was awarded half of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Sharpless developed these reactions in The Scripps Institute, California and has continued developing more […]

Where to draw the line? Hypothesis Testing in Proteomics

So, you’ve got this beautiful proteomics experiment done. You just got your data (yay!), let’s say ratios of treated vs control, 3 replicates, simple experiment. But that’s thousands of protein groups, most of which are probably not interesting at all. We want to find out which proteins are regulated. How do we do it?   […]