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Antigen design: if you can provide us with the protein sequence (or accession number), our scientists will analyse your protein and select the regions which offer the best chance of eliciting an immune response for a variety of applications.

Generation of antibodies to modified peptides: we do specific antibodies, using different types of modifications (phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, ubiquination, etc.).  Our Custom Peptide Synthesis Service includes design, synthesis and modifications.

Screening of pre-immune sera prior to antibody production: in order to select the sera which will give the lowest background in your application.

Optimisation and production of existing hybridomas (re-cloning and re-fusion): if after long-term storage hybridomas secrete less antibody, we can establish a new monoclonal cell line selected for the highest production of the antibody and expand and freeze the cells. We can also reinitiate difficult to propagate hybridoma cultures.

Antibody purification: we purify antibodies from serum or culture medium using a variety of isolation procedures. These procedures include protein A or G, or immuno-affinity. To further improve the quality of your antibody preparations, we can also generate custom resins for the immobilisation of target-specific antigens (i.e. peptides) for the affinity purification of generated antiserum and for serum depletion. Purification columns can be provided on request.

Isotype determination: we can identify the class and subclass of an antibody, which is especially important for choosing the method by which it should be purified and used in immunoassays.

Cell line storage: cell lines are maintained in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen freezers at -150°C or lower. Freezers are located in a secure area and are accessible only by authorised personnel.

Antibody validation service: we offer Western blot tests with titration against protein extracts from cells or tissues known to express the target proteins.

Antibody sequencing services: we directly sequence the antibody protein using multiple enzyme digestion and high resolution LC-MS/MS. Our Proteomic Service guarantees full length sequencing of the heavy and light chains. We deliver a functional antibody sequence along with a comprehensive sequencing report with full sequence coverage.

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