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DC Biosciences offers a high quality and reliable SynBio-ready gene synthesis service to generate your sequence directly as a cloning-ready DNA fragment.

The technology underpinning gene synthesis has evolved rapidly over the past decade, resulting in substantial increases in synthetic capacity, capability and huge reductions in cost. We use both synthesis-on-chip and traditional synthesis methods tolerant of challenging DNA sequences encountered in CRISPR-Cas9 constructs or species with extremely high or low GC content. The sequence you request can be synthesised directly as submitted, or codon-optimised for chip synthesis or expression in a wide variety of cell types. We can also remove or incorporate restriction sites to facilitate cloning, add affinity or epitope tags or any other motif you desire. All sequence optimisations or modifications will be confirmed with you before synthesis commences.

We can deliver your DNA as un-cloned double strand block fragments suitable for many synthetic biology projects, or alternatively in standard carrier vectors. We also stock a number of typical vectors for prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression into which we can clone your sequence on request, or can supply your sequence in your own vector as a custom cloning project. Please enquire regarding the options that are available.

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