Cross-linking Proteomics

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Cross-linking Proteomics

Chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry to map three-dimensional protein structures and protein-protein interactions.

Chemical cross-linking now an established method in protein chemistry has become a key enabling technology for proteome analysis.


This cross-linking technology, combined with techniques such as mass spectrometry, is an innovative tool enabling not only detailed analysis of the three-dimensional structure of proteins but also the interactions within protein complexes.


Analysis of protein-protein interactions is helping unlock how proteins affect biological processes such as signaling pathways, gene upregulation, and energy production. Most protein functionality is determined by interactions with other proteins or other cellular components such as nucleic and fatty acids. It is via such interactions that biological processes are initiated, change, or terminated.


Cross-linking techniques combined with MS and bioinformatics will provide you with an efficient characterisation of a protein or protein chain enabling modeling and prediction of their structures, energetics, and function.


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