New Focus, New Offerings: A more dynamic and diverse proteomic service

Latest News from DC Biosciences:

The team at DC Biosciences is excited about bringing new ideas and an improved focus as the world moves forward to an easier and more productive time.

Our aim is to provide a more dynamic and diverse proteomic service enabling us to provide the best match for your unique research goals.

The nature of the past 12 months has given us the opportunity to connect with researchers and project leaders to learn what you need most from service providers like DC Biosciences. We found that your most vital requirements are value, innovation, and results.

‘DC Bioscience’s new focus gives us energy and resilience coupled with a mission to provide innovative, reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions for researchers. Being a key component in the timely development of safer drugs is at the heart of everything we do.’

                                                                                                                   Donald Smith, CEO

We are well-positioned to apply our extensive experience and advanced skills across a comprehensive range of proteomic services including protein profiling, quantitative proteomics, protein post-translational modifications, and affinity proteomics. To complement this offering, we have added a number of new services to meet our customer’s requirements and give a more complete proteomic catalogue.

‘This year we will focus on ensuring a seamless results-driven service and apply our extensive knowledge and experience across a broad range of pioneering proteomic disciplines to provide our customers with world-leading innovative offerings.’

                                                                        Keiryn L Bennett Ph.D. Lead Proteomic Scientist

At DC Biosciences we know it is important to keep our service relevant and fresh, to this end we have added de novo Protein Sequencing and a bioinformatics data analysis service to our inventory.

De Novo protein sequencing service

Whether you require the sequence for rare organisms you are researching, or you suspect amino acid substitutions have occurred in your recombinant protein, de novo protein sequencing can be indispensable in furthering your research and quality control processes.

Protein Sequencing Service

De novo protein sequencing by mass spectrometry allows researchers to resurrect lost hybridomas, re-engineer protein backbones, and recombinantly reproduce key reagents with high consistency. By employing a de novo approach, this technique can sequence directly from the protein of interest, without requiring access to the original hybridoma-producing cell line.

Antibody Sequencing Service

The de novo antibody protein sequencing platform offers a mass spectrometry solution that accurately obtains the full amino acid sequence without requiring the cell line or DNA. Requiring only 100 µg of the antibody protein, we can ensure accurate data for any species, any isotype with 100% accuracy and 100% coverage. Within 2-3 weeks we will deliver a detailed report with the heavy and light chain antibody sequences along with any notable observations including sites for any present post-translational modifications.

Bioinformatics data analysis service

The data produced by a mass spectrometer and interpretation thereof in a biological or medical context is still one of the major hurdles in any proteomic experiment. The overwhelming quantity of information that can be produced from a single experiment can confound the savviest & most experienced of researchers.

At DC Biosciences we have partnered with highly experienced bioinformaticians with a broad range of knowledge to analyse your data. We can combine our own understanding of the field of proteomics with bioinformatics expertise to produce clear and robust results.

Our bioinformatic data analysis service aims to give you quick yet accurate results, a flexible and efficient service, with access to the most innovative and accomplished experts.

Hopefully, the world is now able to move forward and the important work of researchers can resume at pace again. The team at DC Biosciences is excited about the future and getting involved in interesting and rewarding challenges.

Contact us today to start your exciting project.


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