Biotin Picolyl Azide

Next generation click chemistry biotin probe.

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Biotin Picolyl Azide is an advanced click chemistry biotin probe that incorporates a copper-chelating motif to raise the effective concentration of Cu(I) at the reaction site. The chelating effect of picolyl azide moiety to raise the effective concentration of copper at the reaction site is so great that it leads to an increase of signal intensity of up to 40-fold.

In addition, the use of Biotin Picolyl Azide instead of conventional Biotin Azide allows for at least a tenfold reduction in the concentration of the copper catalyst without sacrificing the efficiency of labelling.

In summary, the introduction of a picolyl moiety into an azide probe leads to a substantial increase in the sensitivity of alkyne detection. This will be of special value for the detection of low abundance targets or where several increase of signal intensity is desired


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