Cy5.5 Azide

An azide-activated, water-soluble Cy5.5 dye.

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The NIR-fluorescent Cy5.5 azide can be reacted with terminal alkynes via a copper-catalysed click reaction (CuAAC). It also reacts with strained cyclo-octyne via a copper-free “click chemistry” reaction to form a stable triazole and does not require Cu-catalyst or elevated temperatures. Cy5.5 is a water-soluble, pH-insensitive, bright fluorescent probe that can be used in place of Alexa Fluor® 680, DyLigh®t 680, or IRDye™ 680 and other dyes excitable at a wavelength at around 680nm.

This sulfonated dye is also known as sulfo-Cyanine5.5 Azide. Cy®Dye is a trademark of GE Healthcare.


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