Dde Biotin Picolyl Azide

An alkyne-reactive, cleavable biotin probe with superior kinetics in copper-catalysed click reactions.

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Dde Biotin Picolyl Azide is a unique amine reactive, cleavable biotin probe that allows for release of the captured bio-molecules from streptavidin under mild conditions. This reagent contains a biotin moiety linked to picolyl azide moety through a spacer arm containing a hydrazine cleavable Dde moiety. Captured bio-molecules can be efficiently released, typically >90% with 2% hydrazine in aqueous media.

Dde Biotin Picolyl Azide incorporates a copper-chelating motif that dramatically accelerates the Cu(I)-catalysed azide−alkyne cyclo-addition (CuAAC) reaction under conditions relevant to bio-molecular labelling. Discovery of azides with an internal Cu(I)-chelating motif greatly enhances the utility of CuAAC reaction for monitoring the dynamic glycan biosynthesis in living organisms, the sensitive detection of metabolically labelled proteins DNAs and RNAs, and for many other application where rate acceleration and reduced cell toxicity are highly desirable.


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