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“To deliver on the promise of novel proteomic science in drug discovery and advancement.”

The fascinating research field of proteomics is creating exciting advances in disease detection and therapy.

DC Biosciences is proud to offer our expertise in innovative proteomics and is dedicated to finding solutions for research in all fields of drug discovery and protein analysis. Our highly-specialised team sets the standard for reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions for researchers.

Being both knowledgeable and accomplished in the field, our team will design, perform, and document your experiment creating the best possible workflow for your project. We offer a friendly and flexible approach with open communication and support at every stage.

At DC Biosciences we enjoy discussing your ideas and challenges.

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Brand Evolution
Key Milestones


The company was founded in 2006 by world-leading biochemist Professor Angus Lamond and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Paul Ajuh. Originally, the company operated as Dundee Cell Products Ltd and offered a diverse portfolio of products and services to the scientific community.



New technological developments and market changes lead to a company re-brand and change of focus. The newly named DC Biosciences would now use mass spectrometry to carry out the identification and quantification of proteomes or targeted proteins. The proteomic services ran alongside antibody production and click chemistry reagent sales.



Keiryn Bennett Ph.D. was welcomed to the DC Biosciences team as Lead Proteomic Scientist, bringing many years of highly focused knowledge in the field of proteomics. Dr. Bennett’s expertise, research experience, and enthusiasm make her ideally placed to advise customers on the best path to reach their specific goals.



The focus at DC Biosciences shifted once more to align with market requirements and to exploit resources. The main focus would now be on providing pioneering proteomic services in the areas of Protein Identification, Quantitative Proteomics, Affinity Proteomics, Post-Translational Modifications.

Chief Executive Officer
Donald Smith
Lead Proteomic Scientist
Keiryn L Bennett Ph.D.
Digital Marketing Assistant
Jan Hewitt
Investment Director
Scott Carnegie