Customer Testimonials

“I also enjoyed working with Keiryn. She is extremely knowledgeable and I valued her partnership. I would absolutely work with Keiryn and DC Biosciences again. The project was done well and Keiryn made herself available to answer questions both before and after project completion. Very knowledgeable and responsive, an excellent collaboration. The data package was interesting and unique. Appreciate it!”

Sarah Seiler Hogan, Unither Pharmaceuticals (November 2020)

“We have ordered two proteomic assays thus far. One was a pull-down proteomic attempt to identify molecular interactions of an ion channel, ANO1, in sensory neurons. This assay identified a potential candidate that we are currently pursuing. Another experiment was to analyse protein content in exosomes secreted by the sensory neurons and glia. This gave us plenty of ideas, essentially a database to work with. Again, this is being pursued. No publications as of yet but there will be.”

“hopefully we will have business with you again soon. People from DC Biosciences are professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. The whole process is very flexible and I particularly liked the possibility to work out the entire experimental setup and protocols with you beforehand.”

Nikita Gamper, University of Leeds (November 2020)

“I would highly recommend their services to anyone. I would especially recommend them to young investigators who have limited personnel, and limited funds as a cost-effective and rapid way to progress projects.”

Dr. Lee Hamilton, Deakin University

“Our experience with DC Biosciences has been, so far, excellent. I had/have the opportunity to collaborate with knowledgeable scientists, such as Dr Nicolas. The publication can be found here

Dr. Daniele Bano

Group Leader Aging and Neurodegeneration at DZNE