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Affinity pull-downs are one of the most common types of proteomics experiments performed in the laboratory. Combining such experiments with MS can be challenging but it is a very powerful approach for studying protein interactions.

Understanding protein-protein interactions in biological pathways is an essential part of the overall comprehension of all biological processes. Mass-spectrometry based proteomics is a powerful tool for analysis of interactomes. Unlike WB analysis it can identify all proteins purified in an unbiased way. This can present disadvantages as contaminants can become a serious challenge.

Although some analyses can be performed on unlabelled samples, SILAC labelling can greatly improve data quality and help identify contaminants in Affinity Pull-Down experiments. DC Biosciences offer a range of Pull-Down proteomics experiments, from variants of Immuno-Precipitations to so-called “proximity proteomics”. Our experts will accompany you from experiment design to completion, helping you avoid the many pitfalls of Pull-Down MS analysis. We will ensure you are able to extract the greatest possible value from your data.


    Leverage the power of SILAC to discriminate real hits from
    contaminants in your co-IP experiments.


    Don’t have a good antibody to your protein? Express a GFP-tagged fusion, then perform a SILAC co-IP.

  • BIO-ID

    Proximity proteomics: complementary to co-IPs, detect proteins within a radius of your protein of interest.


    Perform an unlabelled IP then compare with a list of common known contaminants to identify true hits.

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