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Bioinformatic Data Analysis Service

The data produced by a mass spectrometer and interpretation thereof in a biological or medical context is still one of the major hurdles in any proteomic experiment. The overwhelming quantity of information that can be produced from a single experiment can confound the savviest & most experienced of researchers.


At DC Biosciences we have partnered with highly experienced bioinformaticians with a broad range of knowledge to analyse your data. We can combine our own understanding of the field of proteomics with bioinformatic expertise to produce clear and robust results.


Our bioinformatic data analysis service aims to give you quick yet accurate results, a flexible and efficient service, with access to the most innovative and accomplished experts.


Aspects covered include the well-known and widely accepted relative quantitation of chemically-labelled cells or tissues, i.e., using the tandem mass tag (TMT) reagents; and relative quantitation of unlabelled, consecutively-analysed samples, i.e., label-free quantitation. In addition, customised data analysis can be provided upon request, e.g., protein interactome networks, protein turnover measurements via pulsed SILAC, open tolerance database search to identify unknown post-translational modifications (PTM’s), and the increasingly popular data-independent analysis (DIA).

We perform and deliver the data analysis, while you concentrate on the science.

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