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Proteomics Services


We are only listing the most commonly requested types of experiments in these pages. If you have something else in mind, we can probably do it: just throw down the gauntlet, we'll meet you at sunrise!

Mass-spectrometry based proteomics is a young, diverse, ever evolving and expanding field. Every month sees the release of innovative techniques to tackle new biological problems, improvements in sample handling or labelling, or – more rarely – new instruments with increased versatility or performance. We cannot cover all of the variant approaches available here, but as a proteomic services company, we constantly strive to improve to meet your requirements.

Whether you have a brilliant idea for a proteomics experiment, you read a paper with a clever trick, or you want to perform a particular MS experiment but don’t know where to start – just get in touch. There is a very good chance we can do it. And if we can’t yet, we can probably learn very quickly.

So get in touch with our motivated experts, we always enjoy a good challenge!

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