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Customised Proteomics

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Customised Proteomics

DC Biosciences offers the most commonly-requested types of proteomic experiments. If you have something else in mind, however, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas.

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is a diverse, constantly evolving and expanding field. There are always new developments in innovative techniques to approach biological questions, improvements in sample preparation or labelling, or new instruments with increased versatility or performance. DC Biosciences cannot cover all of the approaches that are currently available to the proteomic world; however, as a proteomic services company, we are constantly striving to improve and meet your requirements and expectations.

If you have a brilliant new idea for a proteomic experiment, you have read a paper with an innovative proteomic concept, or you want to perform a specific mass spectrometry experiment but are unsure where to start, contact us! We can definitely advise you and assist you in deciding the best course of proteomic direction for your project.

So contact our motivated experts. We very much enjoy a good challenge and are always available for a brainstorming session!

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