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De novo Protein Sequencing Technology

Whether you require the sequence for rare organisms you are researching, or you suspect amino acid substitutions have occurred in your recombinant protein, de novo protein sequencing can be indispensable in furthering your research and quality control processes. At DC Biosciences we are delighted to announce we have partnered with the leading de novo protein sequencing team to offer proteomic services as part of our portfolio.

Through offering the most advanced option for characterising your key reagents with mass spectrometry techniques, our team is ensuring the reliability and predictability of your research.

Protein Sequencing Service

De novo protein sequencing by mass spectrometry allows researchers to resurrect lost hybridomas, re-engineer protein backbones, and recombinantly reproduce key reagents with high consistency. By employing a de novo approach, this technique can sequence directly from the protein of interest, without requiring access to the original hybridoma-producing cell line.

By subjecting the protein to a multi-enzyme digest, the protein is reduced to smaller peptide fragments that can be analysed by LC-MSMS. The resultant spectral data is analysed by a proprietary bioinformatic algorithm that then assembles the full amino acid sequence based on overlapping peptides. The resultant sequence has an average of 30 times coverage for each individual amino acid, resulting in a 100% accurate result.

Specific requirements for protein sequencing projects will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based upon protein purity and size.

Antibody Sequencing Service

The de novo antibody protein sequencing platform offers a mass spectrometry solution that accurately obtains the full amino acid sequence without requiring the cell line or DNA. Requiring only 100 µg of the antibody protein, we can ensure accurate data for any species, any isotype with 100% accuracy and 100% coverage. Within 2-3 weeks we will deliver a detailed report with the heavy and light chain antibody sequences along with any notable observations including sites for any present post translational modifications.

De novo sequencing enables you to:

  • Resurrect your lost antibodies.

Recover antibodies that fell victim to lost cell lines, batch variability, and vendor  discontinuation by obtaining the protein sequence enabling recombinant synthesis.

  • Secure your antibody supply chain.

As the most widely used reagents in the life sciences, antibodies are subject to both supply and quality issues due to inconsistent quality control protocols. Overcome these challenges with the protein sequence to benefit from a reliable supply with predictable biologic activity.

  • Accelerate your ‘Proof-of-Concept’ studies.

When conducting feasibility studies, the amino acid sequence can enable researchers to engineer various constructs simultaneously, thus enabling a more efficient process for testing optimal combinations against their target. This not only streamlines testing, but it also guarantees future reproducibility.

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