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Protein Profiling

High-throughput liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MSMS) is the fundamental basis of modern-day protein identification and proteomics.

DC Biosciences offers a qualitative proteomic profiling service to analyse complex samples such as cell lysates, tissues, and biofluids (e.g., plasma).

To obtain a high-degree of sample coverage, fractionation is recommended. This can be performed at the cellular compartment level (e.g., nuclear vs. cytoplasm), at the protein level (e.g., analysis of multiple gel bands), at the peptide level (e.g., high pH reversed-phase liquid chromatography) or using  enrichment methods for post-translational modifications (PTMs). In principle, the more fractions that are generated, the more proteins will be identified and you will achieve a deeper level of proteome coverage.

At DC Biosciences, we tailor our protocols to your requirements and aid you in answering your biological questions.

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