Quantitative Proteomics

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Quantitative Proteomics

DC Biosciences quantitative proteomic service enables you to answer all your protein quantitation questions.

Why be content with qualitative data when you can also have quantitative data? DC Biosciences offer the most commonly-used relative quantitation methods: isobaric labelling with tandem mass tags (TMT), label-free, SILAC, and data-independent acquisition (DIA).

TMT (Tandem Mass Tag ) is a chemical labelling method that utilises isobaric tags to modify peptides.

Label-free enables relative quantitation between multiple LC-MSMS analyses, and is highly-applicable to large patient cohorts in clinical proteomic studies.

SILAC (Stable Isotope Labelling by Amino acids in Cell culture) is based on the in vivo metabolic labelling of the proteins in cells with heavily-labelled versions of specific amino acids.

DIA (Data Independent Acquisition) is the latest development in LC-MSMS data acquisition.

Quantitative Proteomics
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