Quantitative Proteomics

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Quantitative Proteomics

DC Biosciences Quant proteomics services enable you to answer your quantitative questions.

Why be content with qualitative data when you can get quantitative? DC Biosciences offer the most commonly used relative quantitation methods: SILAC, Isobaric Labelling (TMT) and Data Independent Acquisition (DIA).

Mass spectrometry based proteomics is reputed to only offer semi-quantitative solutions. Label-free absolute quantitation can be relatively error-prone due to the unpredictable peptide detectability in a specific workflow. Variant methods based on Isotopic Labelling are available for accurate relative quantitation.


The main variants used are:

SILAC (Stable Isotope Labelling by Amino acids in Cell culture), a metabolic labelling based method.

TMT  (Tandem Mass Tag for Relative and Absolute Quantitation), two variants of Isobaric Labelling, a chemical labelling method.

DIA (Data Independent Acquisition) the latest standard in LC-MS/MS acquisition method


The specificities, strengths and weaknesses of each method are summarised in the adjacent diagram.

Quantitative Proteomics
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