Data Independent Acquisition

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Data Independent Acquisition

The new standard in LC-MSMS-based proteomics for protein identification and label-free quantitation.

DC Biosciences offers our customers the latest development in LC-MSMS data acquisition methods. Known as data-independent analysis (DIA), this method can obtain deep and exhaustive coverage of multiple individual samples. In contrast to the more-commonly practiced approach of data-dependent acquisition (DDA), DIA methods utilise defined mass windows rather than individually selecting precursor ions for fragmentation. All peptides in the consecutive mass window are then fragmented to generate extremely complex composite MSMS spectra. The resultant data is usually searched against a spectral library to produce a comprehensive and unbiased proteome from the organism/sample of interest. In addition, as all the peptides present in a sample are fragmented, DIA data can be retroactively and repeatedly re-queried against improved/updated libraries to extract further information.

Relative quantitation of peptides and proteins can also be retroactively performed via label-free quantitation and extraction of area-under-the peak values.

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